Canal Day Doojay Paar

Canal Day Doojay Paar Water Colour And Ink On Paper –

In the canal of Lahore under the scorching sun, in drenched shalwars that hide nothing, the male body is soaking wet, free and alive… You must have seen it as it is impossible to miss such a spectacular display of spontaneous liveliness! It is a mass of male bodies twisting, tumbling and balancing enthusiastically in whirlpools of intimate clusters. Jumping in and out of the murky water of the canal, sometimes laying on the side on the grass, heads resting on the each other’s laps, holding hands, sharing stories, they are entwined. Bodies of all ages…. thin bodies, hairy, bodies, fat, muscular even hairless bodies- but all bodies submitting collectively to the experience of pure liveliness…LIFE!.. I have never seen a body mass as vivacious as this and in any other public space more than I see it here in this water…it is free and it is careless. It is intimate, heating, cooling, hanging, falling…together… publicly… brown bodies merging, emerging in the brown waters of the canal, the canal that runs through the city like a central vein. Dividing the rich from the poor, the weak from the strong.

Bulging….a singular voluptuous mass…

free flowing like water….

what phallic prowess, a conquest

over the city… an impregnation..


Yet.. I know you can imagine something that seems impossible. You always wonder… what if the canal is charged with the current of the body that is not male? Could the passiveness of the non-male be suspended with the imagination of another kind of world? Would a non-male body performing freely in the public, appear to you awkward, odd, embarrassing, sinful?


This, I try to imagine through my work….we know it is not simple…

Yet if you bring your ears close….

very close, to the beating of the vein..

you might hear them say to each other

in real moments… things that are male and female and yet not so much……….

but always familiar.

Is it odd..?

……then to imagine?

Or even awkward

…to believe?

If sins were such?


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